jueves, 19 de abril de 2007

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martes, 17 de abril de 2007

In level 4 I LEARNED how to talk about citices, restaurantes , make descriptions about myself and how i´ve changed in my life. Now I know more about this language, that everyday teaches me somenthing new

domingo, 15 de abril de 2007

Unit 16- A change for the better!

Since I was born, I have experienced many changes, so much physical as emotional. when spending of the years I have grown of size, my body has been developed, my fractions have been defined and I have acquired features caracteriscos of my family.

In the emotional way, I have acquired many knowledge that people have helped me to define,such as my personality and to grow little by little as person. friends of my childhood, my family, and now my partners of the university had teach me new things that I put in practice to improve myself in all the aspects.

Nowadays i am a happy person, because I am living a touching phase in my life, where my university career of rights its á primordial part of my living, and I really enjoy what I do. still there is so much for me to change and learn, and in that time I hope changes are favorable.

Unit 15- i m going to see a musical.

Conversation: talking about plans

Part 1

Secretary: Good morning Mr. Garcia office
Carlos: hello! May I speak to Mr. Thompson, please?
S: I’m sorry! He’s not here can I take a message?
C: yes please this is Mr. Castro
Please ask Mr. Thompson to call me, this afternoon, my number is 797-0805-
S: 797-0805. yes, Mr. Castro ill give Mr. Thompson the message.
C: thank you. good bye
S: Good bye!

Part 2

Carlos: hello! Marienela, how are you?
Marienela: fine, thanks!!!
C: what are you doing on Friday? Would you like go to a baseball game?
M: I’d love to, but I can’t, because I’m working to late in the office.
C: Ok are you free on Saturday?
M: yes I’m free, why?
C: do you want to go a concert at Ricardo Arjona?
M: yes I’d like, to where and what time?
C: in the event palace, at 7pm
M: Ok, see you soon
C: fine, Bye.

Unit 14- the biggest and the best!

My country Venezuela is very interesting and beautiful, because have beach, lakes, desert, and mountain, I think the most beautiful in my country is “Los Medanos de Coro” in falcon state, because is a desert, the most important is very close to ocean

Unit 13- May i take your order, please?

The Restaurant

I like Italian food, its wonderful, i like pasta and pizza, in Maracaibo I love “Mia Pizza”, the food is delicious and the service is very good, this restaurant its expansive, but is good.
Sometimes I go with my friends to eat